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price £92.00
2cv rear brake centraliser


This tool only fits the 2cv size of wheel bearing stub shaft. Mount the tool into the bearing and into the oil seal, and bring the flag out until it touches the inside diameter of the drum and then lock it. Test for ovality of the drum by turning the tool one full turn. The drum may need machining [service available]. Mount the tool onto the stub shaft. Adjust the eccentrics and the outside adjusters until the tool scrapes all around the shoes. The shoes are now centralised. Back off the outside adjusters, after locking the eccentrics and inserting a new split pin. Mount the drum and hub nut, don't peen it yet as you may have to centralise again. Bring out the shoes until they touch a rotating drum. Adjust in again slightly to stop the scraping. You can now peen the hub nut. Check rotation again. It's a bit of a fiddle to get all the adjusters into there correct positions.