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king pin bush alignment tools [2 tools]

These tools are designed to extract and insert the kingpin bushes perfectly parallel
to each other. They are made to precise sizes in order to achieve this.


Insert the top tool into the top bush and down into the bottom bush. Extract the top bush.
Insert the bottom tool into the top hole and down into the bottom bush. Extract the bottom bush.
You have worked from top to bottom, now, you must work from bottom to top.
Insert bottom tool into top hole and place the new bush onto it. Drive the bush in until almost flush.
It MUST be above the hole level. Use the key steel [supplied] Place it onto the bush and knock the bush down to its final position. See other photos with tool cit2cv008.
Place the new top bush onto the top tool and insert the tool down and into the bottom bush. The bottom bush will now allow the top tool to insert the bush correctly. Drive the top bush in, until it just goes through the bottom of the hole. Invert the hub in the vise for the next operation.Take the top tool out and insert it through the bottom bush and up to the top bush. Use the key steel again to position the top bush correctly. The 2 bushes are now perfecly parallel to each other and will not bind on the kinpin. They are to their correct depths so the thrust washers can be fitted correctly.