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king pin drift set [4 tools]

The king pin drift set consists of 4 tools. A new, improved strength, drift has been created to avoid the tip of the tool from belling over. It is drilled and tapped and a cap head screw inserted and finally secured with Loctite. The cap head screw is 12/9 alloy steel and is very hard. It will not bell over and is 16mm diameter. The pin you are extracting is 17mm diameter.
It will not damage the pin either. Please let me know if you are drifting the pin or will use an hydraulic press.
Also included, is a piece of square key steel, to be used when inserting the bushes to their final correct position.
When lining up the hub and thrust washers, use the old pin, inserted up through the bottom hole.
Help and advice is always available.

                                                          Using the key steel to properly position the bushes
                                               see the toolbox listing for direction on how to use the key steel
                                                                                 tool number cit2cv009