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wheel bearing ring nut extractor and inserter. 35mm 2cv size
4 videos at the bottom of the page
       This extractor has 2 pegs made of 12/9 alloy steel. The shear strength of one pin is about 0.5 ton
                        so it will take out a 250 ft/lbs ring nut easily without damaging the tool or ring nut.
                          The pegs are machined out of cap head screws, which are very tough and hard
                          You can use an impact wrench with this tool, without causing any damage to it.
                                              You have approximately 1 ton of shear strength with this tool.


     you can use a tool like this one, it is called a torque multiplier and they are used on buses and lorry wheels, farm
     tractors etc etc
     They impart a tremendous amount of turning power to undo and tighten high forces. This model is a 50/1 ratio.
    2cv ring nuts are tightened to 250 ft/lbs, so this tool would require a force of around 5 ft/lbs to free a ring nut.
     Incredible but true. See the video clips to prove it. No need to swing on scaffolding poles anymore, we can use
    21st century technology and make the job far quicker and easier.

              torque multiplier set                      hub in the vise, special ring nut tool in position, multiplier attached

As you turn the tool anti-clockwise, it will want to go clockwise.
You have to jamb it to prevent this happening, so I inserted a
 steel bar through it and against the vise. Every 50 turns of the
handle, rotates the ring nut 1 turn. It's very, very easy.
                   See the video, all will be explained.