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does not include the 4 leg stand
or gearbox stand
sold separately
engine support stand

Bolt the main stand to the workbench. Fit the engine stand to it. The 2 spacers are needed to help hold the engine securely with the 2 long bolts on the crankcase. Position the engine on the bolts and then fit the 2 long spacers and then the nuts. Use the 2 bottom bolts and do not let the weight of the engine bend the bolts. Keep the engine level and supported whilst fitting it to the stand. I use an overhead pulley block if working by myself. You can now rotate the engine to any position and comfortably and safely work on it in any position so desired. If you want to split the crankcase you must first take off all the peripheral components, including the cylinder heads and barrels. You can leave the pistons on, if you wish. Unbolt the engine and turn it 90 degrees and refit it to the stand by using another long bolt and the other hole in the stand. This time, put the 2 spacers on to the bolts first and then the crankcase. If you dont do it this way, you will foul the end of the crankshaft and the flywheel dowel pin. The engine is now in a verticle position and you are able to split the crankcase halves.


                             You will use the third hole to support the engine when you are going to split the crankcase


When you have done your repairs and would like to bench test your engine, you can use this additional starter motor support. It is made accurately and the photo shows the motor teeth in their correct position when engaged. No damage can occur.


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