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                                                                                                     ds top ball joint socket and securing nut.

After removing the peen marks, ensuring that nothing will impede the removal of the top cup nut, attach the socket and the nut and tighten it. The socket must be totally rigid. It is torqued to about 150 ft/lbs. Any peening left around the top cup will only put extra strain on the socket pegs.

        socket with the securing nut                                              assembled tool                                                          puller cup

              bottom cup extractor bolt                        this screws into the bottom cup threads            this tool presses in a new bottom cup

The bottom cup is pressed into a housing and needs to be pulled out. There are 3/4 threads in the bottom of the cup and the puller bolt screws into them. It's not a lot of thread to pull on
Assemble the tool kit and position the puller cup squarely on the top, screw in the puller bolt until hand tight only and then start to tighten the bolt, free, nut onto the puller cup. The bottom cup should start to move upwards. You must now slacken the puller bolt nut and screw in the puller bolt a little more to put fresh threads into the bottom cup. you will know that the cup has moved because you can screw the bolt in further. Repeat the process and pull the cup out. The cup MUST be pulled out by using the puller bolt nut, not by bottoming the bolt, putting more strain on the fine threads. You can now insert the new bottom cup with mandrel supplied. These tools can be bought or hired, making it a cost saving exercise for you. Help and guidance is always available.
Remember that the 4 peg socket must NOT be allowed to move.

The bottom cup with the 3/4 fine threads

ds bottom ball joint tool


      It is torqued to 250 ft/lbs and peened over. Remove ALL peenings befor attempting to unscrew the ball joint top cap.                                                             The pins are made of 12/9 alloy steel and are very strong. 5.2mm diameter and can withstand a shear force of 1/3 ton each.
                                                                         You will require a 55m socket
                              Use the nut from the ball joint to secure the tool, it must be absolutely tight in the holes