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some gs tools                                                       I will be making more GS tools. Please enquire.


                                            Box of tools to insert the front and rear crankshaft oil seals and also the front and rear camshaft oil seals.
The crankshaft oil seals are the same size at either end and are the same for all models of GS and GSA. Camshaft seals are of 2 different sizes at the front [larger one] and the rear [smaller one] The front crank seals are pushed in by the starter dog nut and a nut fastened to the tool on the flywheel end. The camshaft seals are centralised automatically by the tools and are knocked in with a copper or hide hammer. After the seal on the fuel pump side is into its depth, a sealing cup is pressed into the aluminium housing, to protect the eccentric cam from dirt ingress.

This tool is fastened to the crankshaft  and is aligned with the spigot bush        The blue plastic tool slides onto the crank and the pusher is centralised

 The metal tool screws onto the camshaft pulley stud and is centralised.            Slip the oil seal onto the small tool and insert it into the larger one. The larger tool          centralises everything as it enters the aluminium housing. The smaller tool has a 10mm thread for the stud to be able to pull it out of the pusher tube.

                                                                                                         front hub extractor

            Puller to detach the rear axle arm from the anti roll bar                                    Spanner for the speedo securing nut behind the dashboard

                                                     to extract  the bottom ball joint from its housing[ after removing the circlip]
                                          slide hammer [10mm thread], 2 aluminium half shells, sleeve to keep the shells together

                                                                          Tool to extract and replace the clutch thrust bearing guide sleeve.
                                                                                             It is used with the above slide hammer.


                       Camshaft sprocket arrester lever. This tool enables you to hold the sprocket still as you undo, or tighten, the central retaining nut.
                                                                                 Approximately 500mm long. Nut torqued to 60ft/lbs.
                                                                                                             Available to hire.


The main base stand is bolted to the workbench and the gearbox support stand fastens to it with the central bolt. It can now be rotated and locked in position.
It fits any G type gearbox. The two blue locking clamps hold the gearbox to the stand and a bolt fits upwards into one of the disc brake caliper securing holes.


Cylinder head support stand The stand is made of wood, with 4 attachment bolts to clamp the head to it. Underneath is a strip of angle iron to enable it to be held in a vise. The blocks hold the valve heads still, to enable easier maintenance of the heads. You can also repair the camshafts on this stand.


This tool pulls the universal joint from the drive shaft.           The two half shells fit around the drive shaft and are held in place by the ring clamp.
Screw the tool onto the drive shaft threads and pull             The tool is used when assembling the universal joint to the drive shaft and positions                     
the joint away with the slide hammer.                                     the snap ring into its groove. Use the tool on the left to slide hammer the joint onto
                                                                                                    the shaft and lock the joint onto the snap ring.


  35mm expanding inner bearing puller used with the slide hammer.                 Dismount and mount the two different sized small end bearing bushes,
  Used to remove the taper bearing shells from the front top suspension                                                          20mm or 22mm.
  and rear suspension swinging arms.


            To extract the camshaft carrier bars                                           Clutch centraliser                               To extract and insert the pin securing the gearbox
                                                                                                                                                                                                 selector arm to the gear lever.

                 Gearbox output hub oil seal insertion mandrel                                                                                                 Mandrel to fit the front hub oil seal.


                                      This mandrel removes and inserts the front and rear hub bearings. It fits the two sizes of front bearing, 80mm and 82mm.
                                                                                                                Each end of the mandrel is used.