Set of tools to overhaul and make the repairs to the CX top front and rear arm, taper roller bearings.......price £210.00       

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The same set up is on the rear arms and these are notorious for failing-----reason---- the rubber seals.
Being open to the elements, the seals are letting water and debris into the bearings and they can collapse.

I can supply seals made of a modern material called Ertacetal C, an acetal copolymer, it is an engineering thermoplastic.
This material, which cannot be eroded by the extemes of the elements, would be a leak proof fit to replace the rubber ones.
It is more resistant to hydrolysis. It combines low friction and high wear resistance with the stiffness and strength needed in parts designed to replace metal. Fatigue resistance and high strength are other attributes.

Please enquire about these plastic seals.

These tools can be bought or hired. A set of instructions on how to calculate and set the bearing preload will be included,
as there is a measuring device with the set. Another tool you will require, a digital vernier caliper, capacity at least 150mm.

New repair kits are available on the web, but do, please consider replacing the rubber seals.
A new complete kit will be in the region of £75 uk pounds. A cheaper option is just to renew the bearings and seals only. All the other
parts are serviceable, except for the seals. Also needed, maybe, are shims because Citroen used to sell different sizes of the thrust cups
[spacers] to achieve the pre loading but these are unavailable now, so shimming the thrust cup is the only option.



Some other CX tools

           slide hammer-- fits a variety of pullers 10mm thread                                           crankshaft  oil seal insertion [flywheel side]
                                        price £47.00                                                                                                   6014-T  price £38.00

        to remove and replace the clutch thrust bearing guide sleeve                                    tool to fit the bearing sealing ring on the clutch side
                                       6318-T   price £40.00                                                                                             6006-T  price £45.00

                             tool to check the camber/castor angle                                                             mandrel to fit the oil seal to the hub bearing
                                          6309-T  price £45.00                                                                                              6337-T price £35.00

                                                                                                           top ball joint removal and insertion [with heat]
                                                                                                                            6335-T  price £175.00


                                                                                             remove the bottom ball joint from its housing
                                                                   slide hammer, 2 half shells [aluminium], sleeve to keep the shells together
                                                                                                               6324-T   price £88.00

                                                                                             I will be making more CX tools. Please enquire.