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axles and suspension


                16 slot axle arm securing nut socket                                       16 slot axle nut securing socket                    axle bearing mounting tube drift


       Axle bearing mounting tube drift                                  Puller for axle bearings and oil seal                    Used with the bearing puller. Place inside axle.


                                      suspension tie rod adjusters. 24 mm spanner required. 9mm or 8mm slot available

        friction damper overhaul jig tool, held in a vise
                                                                                                                                     tool with damper fitted
                        fits any size of friction damper

           46mm open ended spanner required                                                                          lining everything up

                   Hold tool in a vise and test the torque setting


                                                                                           friction damper dismount and insert

         Tap to clean up the threads in the suspension tie rod eye bolt                                    Split type 11mm x 1mm die nut
                                                11mm x 1mm