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wheels and steering
video available

Set of tools to dismount the protective driveshaft cups on the 2cv4 [435]

There are 3 protective cups and these need to be pulled off in order to be able to dismantle the double cardans and then repair them.
Not all the mounting points are the same on every driveshaft, there are minor differences. Some are a slide fit, some have an o ring and all have a tight fitting collar.
The hardest cup to take off is the one at the wheel bearing end of the shaft. It is held in place by a collar, which is an interference fit. You must heat the collar  and try to pull it off with a puller, but as it is very tight, you can buckle the cup and render it useless. Another way is to carefully grind the collar down until it is ready to split and then it will easily come off. New collars are available from this site. The collar is tightened up to the wheel bearing, once in position and the oil seal sits on the outer diameter of it.


                         Old collar                                                               New collars                                 Complete tool kit to mount and dismount
                            This tool kit is not for sale, but can be hired. A full explanation of the tool procedure method can be supplied



Wheel bearing ring nut removal and replacement tool. This the newly designed tool. The 2 pegs are now made from 12/9 alloy steel and are rated at over 0.5 ton to shear just one of them. You will not be able to break or deform these pegs.
There is a hard way and an easier way to take these very tight ring nuts out. The video will amaze you, to see how easy it can be, with no more struggling with scaffolding poles etc etc
This tool is available in 2 sizes. One for the 35mm inside diameter bearing and the other for the Acadiane 36mm inside diameter.



To mount the front wheel hub into the wheel bearing.                                                                                  Steering column lever.
                         Fits all sizes.


              King pin and bushes tools                                                                      Steering column lever

  Steering column lever                                                                 Puller to extract the track rod end arm from the steering rack                                                      

                                                                                 Tool to dismount the track rod arm from the steering rack

2cv anti-theft shear nuts. grade 303 stainless steel

               2cv6 anti theft U bolt fitting                                                                  original shear nut on left, new type stainless steel grade 303 on right

                                                                          A collection of anti theft shear nuts for 2cv6. Stainless steel grade 303

Dyane 4 or 6 anti theft device and shear nuts

     Dyane 4 or 6 steering column anti theft device             column mounted in a jig to remove the cone                       cone removed, but broke the tool

    This method works, but must be more gentle with the tool. It's called a ROTABROACH and is used with portable magnetic drilling machines. It's basically a milling cutter with a central hole in it. I will show you another method, using a variable speed drilling machine. Only problem is getting enough access underneath to drill the cones out. The 2cv has very limited access, so watch this space to see if success can be achieved.

Dyane 4 or 6 anti theft shear nuts   video available


 I have also made these shear nuts for the Dyane models. They are 9mm x 1,25mm thread and the anti theft fitment uses 2 x 9mm bolts



                                                                                          steering pinion ringnut removal tool


                       wheel hub locking bar, about 1 metre long                                                track rod end cup nut tool

                tap to clean up or reclaim                   phosphor bronze track rod end cups         tap for the track rod end housing                  
              king pin bottom plug threads