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hiring tools

Why buy tools when you can hire them instead. I want you to be able to maintain and fix any problem with your vehicle, with the correct tools that your local garage doesn't have.

Here's how it works.

1     Select the tools you require (you can ask for advice) for the repair you are contemplating.
2     Contact me by email or phone.
3     Give me all the postal details and contact phone number[s]
4     I will give you a quote.
5     If acceptable, I will send the tools to you.
6     Make your repair and just send the tools back to me.

terms---------  hire charge is 30% of the value of the tool[s]
                       a refundable surcharge is needed, which is the total value of the tool[s].
                       you pay the postage each way
                       tools must be returned to me in a usable and undamaged condition
                       I will refund your surcharge if the tools are undamaged
                       if tools are not returned to me in a reasonable amount of time, then you will be deemed to have purchased them,
                       if the tools are purchased, I will refund the hire charge
                       you must accept these terms and conditions.

Advice is free, just ask if you need any help with repairs or setting things up