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gearbox support stand
rotates 360 degrees

main 4 leg stand
bolted to the bench
price £85.00

modified gearbox support stand
rotates 360 degrees
tilts 90 degrees
+ post

gearbox and transmission toolbox

                              Gearbox support stand used in conjuction with the main stand. Able to turn 360 degrees
Bolt the main stand to your workbench, undo the central nut and place the gearbox stand onto it and replace the nut. Take the screwed bar and nuts  out of the gearbox stand and screw the thrust screw back. Insert 2 setscrews, with washers into the gearbox, where the exhaust cross box is held. Place the box onto the stand, insert the screwed bar and one nut into where the clutch cable fits and secure the front of the box with the other nut, tighten up the thrust screw to level the box. Tighten up the 2 set screws and hey presto, you can rotate the box to any desired position to work on it, so easy and safe. Lock the box in position if so desired, with the central 16mm nut.

Modified gearbox stand

             modified gearbox stand                             stand can tilt 90 degrees to enable correct                         stand is locked in a horizontal or
                                                                           placing of the crownwheel and to be able to measure                  vertical position with this pin
                                                                               the bearing depth when calculating the amount
                                                                                of shims needed to set the crownwheel to the
                                                                                           pinion mesh depth accurately

                 modified stand base                                          the tilting mechanism                                            ready for a gearbox

   tilted 90 degrees and locked with the pin                          the pin and the fitting hole                                                gearbox ready for stripping

                              Indent spring compression tool

                                        synchromesh set up shims                                                                 socket for the selector fork clamping screws


             Mandrel to machine a centrifugal clutch drum.      Hire only or send item to me.            Mandrel to machine a 435 flywheel

   To mount and dismount the driveshaft                           Complete set of tools to overhaul a 435 or 602 gearbox
          protective cups on a 2cv4 435                                                                     Hire only
                          Hire only

                      Extra long reach 29mm six sided socket.
                         Used when overhauling an output hub