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Extractor and instalation tool for old type 2cv4 kingpin lower plug.

Kingpin lower plug removal/ instalation tool, 2cv4. old type.

Over the years, there have been three types of kingpin lower plugs.
Very early cars had a gasket and plate, secured with 2 x 7mm screws, then came a screw in plug with two small slots, here it is below.
Ater this plug was discontinued, we end up with the last type, with a 4mm woodruff key slot in it.

 There is a 7mm screw hole for a grease nipple.

Take the grease nipple out and fasten the tool to the plug.


To take the plug out, drill the 2 peenings with a 3mm drill, take the nut off the screw and place the tool up to the plug ensuring that the 2 lugs locate into the slots.Place the nut half way down the screw and insert the screw into the plug by about 8mm, then move the nut to lock the tool into the plug, tightening it with a spanner. The tool is now secured to the plug. Undo the tool and plug with a 17mm spanner. Fit the plug in the same way as it came out and don't forget to re-peen it when its flat flush with the bottom of the hub. New stainless steel plugs are available from SPOG.


                                                                     Screwed plug is now attached to the tool.