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Any single nut £15.90
Gearbox input shaft, bevel gear shaft and output hub bearing securing nuts.
There are special nuts, all different sizes to secure the shaft bearings and output hub bearings. They are all peened into a keyway to help stop them undoing.
They become damaged when taking out the peenings and when tightened up again the peening area on the nut can break off rendering it useless.
There are THREE ways to overcome this problem.  A new nut or repair the old one. To repair a nut, you need a lathe. All the threads are 1.5mm pitch, so by skimming off 0.5mm at the rear of the nut, it will tighten a further 120 degrees, creating a new peening position, OR, you can add a 0.5 shim with the correct inside diameter.

Here is a selection of them for 2cv6 and 2cv4 gearboxes.

 2cv4, rear bearing on bevel gear shaft, 20 x 1.5mm left hand thread.

 2cv6, 2cv4, primary input shaft forward support bearing nut, 22 x 1.5mm left hand thread.

 2cv6, output hub bearing nut, 25 x 1.5mm right hand thread. Hexagon flats machined and nut end tapered to allow the oil seal to ride over the nut.

  2cv4, input primary shaft rear bearing nut.with 8 castellations,16 x 1.5mm right hand thread.

 2cv6,  rear bearing nut on bevel gear shaft, 20 x 1.5mm left hand thread.