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150mm long
price £58.00
or hire
+ post

Rear axle arm bearing mounting with the car body and rear wing still attached.
price £77.00
+ post
or hire
Axle bearing tube drift and pusher set
Front and rear axle bearing mounting tools. The front bearings can be mounted with the 150mm long drift with the body still on the chassis and the front wings off.
A different set of tools is required to mount the rear axle bearings with the body still attached to the chassis, as the 150mm tube is too long, This set of tools pushes the bearings up to their seats. If the rear wings are off, then the 150mm tube can be used.

                                                          Tube drift 150mm long

Knock the bearing over the outer landing and position it at the inner landing. Use the 92mm tube with the axle 16 slot nut and screw the bearing onto its landing.
Take the nut off and mount the 7mm wide spacer, then screw the nut on again and finally position the bearing at its limit.


Important information.     This modification applies only to vehicles made prior to May 1953.

Axle arms and bearings are different on some vehicles. Citroen changed the axle bearing thickness and supplied newer type arms with the bearing housings also a different dimension.
All bearings, old type and new type are taper roller bearings, having the same inside diameter and the same outside diameter. The thickness of the bearings has been altered from 20mm wide ( old type ) to 17mm wide ( new type ) These are the only bearings now sold for the A series vehicles.
The following vehicles have been affected. Old type arms on Saloon type A and on Van type AU. Their bearings were 20mm wide and are no longer available, as well as the arms. You can fit a new type 17mm wide bearing with an additional 3mm wide spacer, which is placed behind the bearing cup inside the axle arm. 2 spacers are needed for each arm.
You will only know if there are existing spacers, with new type bearings, in an old type arm, when you take everything to pieces.

When you need to change the bearings on front or rear, you can measure the depth of the cup landings once the cups are out of the arm. You can then determine which type of arms you have and whether you need spacers or not.

Old type arms----- from top of housing to the bearing stop landing is 42.4mm deep on one side and 28.5mm deep on the other side. Fitting 17mm wide bearings requires two spacers at 3 mm wide.

New type arms----- fitting 17mm wide bearings requires no spacers. The depth from the top of the housing to the bearing cup landings is 39.4mm and 25.5mm

                                                                                                  3mm wide Delrin thermoplastic spacers

NEVER interchange bearing roller cages and cups from different manufacturers, as the tapers are different.
You may fit an old type bearing, which is undamaged, and also a new type bearing, with a spacer, to an old type arm.
Different makes of bearing can be fitted on any arm as long as parts are not interchanged.
If an old arm is replaced by a new arm, then, new type bearings must be fitted, without spacers.

Spacers are available from this site. They are made from Delrin, a direct replacement for metal components. Delrin spacers cost £12.00 each.