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front drum brake adjuster spanner

To adjust the outer front brake cams. These 14mm headed adjusters can be very tight and even seize up.
Using an open ended spanner can cause damage to the hexagon by rounding the corners.
There is no space to use a ring spanner.
There is limited space to get anything in, to adjust the brakes, except for this tool.
Different gearboxes have a different space, because of the shape of the bell housing, to get this tool into position.
The maximum thickness, in the tightest of bell housing shapes, of any spanner is 10mm and that is a very slender fit to get the tool onto the hexagon,
which will certainly have rounded corners and maybe sharp pieces of metal.
The maximum thickness of this tool is 9mm and it fits fine, being a 6 sided socket, it is working on the flats of the hexagon and not the corners,
so adjustment is easy. There is another nut welded on the other end to attach a 19mm ring spanner, if extra torque or effort is needed to free and adjust the brakes. Penetrating oil is helpful as well.