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protective cup tools set
for 435 driveshafts
please enquire
set of tools to dismount and remount the double cardan driveshaft protective cups on a 2cv4

The 2cv4 [435] have 3 protective cups which the rubber gaiters fasten to in order to protect the double cardans [hardy spicers to you and me] from the elements etc. Special tools are needed to dismount them and re-mount them properly. On the hub end of the shaft is
an interference fit collar and it is extremely tight. It has to be destoyed to dislodge it. I have searched for new replacement collars but cannot find any, so I made a batch of them. When the driveshaft is inserted into the hub, this collar is tightened up to the wheel bearing and the oil seal rides on its outer diameter. As soon as you try to dislodge it, it will be damaged, so it must be replaced. A video is available for these items.