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complete box of gearbox repair tools
please enquire for any prices

Delrin clutch housing bush
machined to fit the worn oil return spirals and to carry the release bearing.
Each one is made to measure as all spirals will be worn differently.
Complete set of gearbox repair tools

There's everything needed here to completely overhaul a gearbox for a 602 or 435
There are bearing pullers for all bearings and bearing pushers. I have made the pushers because I don't like hitting bearings into aluminium with tube drifts.
Circlip pliers [3], clamps, guides for inserting the 3 synchro rings and a guide for the bevel gear bearing circlip.
The bevel gear has to be in a designated position and this size is stamped into its face with another reference to when it was made as a matching set with the crown wheel. These items must not be interchanged with different ones. They are made as mates and cannot be separated.
There are different measuring devices, One, to set and check the bevel gear position and adjust it if necessary with a spacer. Another checks the depth of the crown wheel bearings to calculate how many shims of different thickness have to be added in order to achieve the correct meshing of the differential gearing.
There are about 40 tools in the set. It is not for sale, but may be hired or any combination of tools can be put together for you to complete a repair.
I shall prepare a video of the differential set up soon. It's quite clever.

The gearbox input shaft has some interesting design features machined into it. Due to its length, it is supported inside the crankshaft with, either, a needle bearing or a bronze bush. These items wear over time and allows the rotating shaft to vibrate and wobble. Further along the shaft are some oil return spirals and these are designed to stop oil leaking from the gearbox into the clutch housing as there is no oil seal. Oil is thrown from the crownwheel and lubricates the shaft which is rotating, with its oil return spirals in a steel guide tube which carries the clutch release bearing. This steel tube wears too, on the outside as the release bearing moves along it and on the inside as the wobbling shaft rotates. This also causes wear on the spirals and they then allow oil to leak into the clutch housing.The spirals are split into two sets with a gap between them [older type gearboxes only had one set of spirals with either a bearing or an oil seal] and as the returning oil is collected in this area, it drops through a hole in the steel bush and then into a small pipe which returns the oil to the inside of the gearbox.
A replacement shaft [very expensive] or a new bush is needed to avoid oil leaking.  I can make and supply Delrin plastic bushes which are machined to the outside diameter of the worn spirals.

                   Old worn steel bush                                                New Delrin plastic bush                                       New bush installed

              Bush extractor and inserter                             Tool pulling a new bush in